Who We Are

The Rochester African American Firearms Association's mission is to establish a bond and united effort to bring firearms safety, training and awareness to the African American community. The RAAFA advocates for the second amendment rights of African Americans and safe gun use for  sporting and self-defense. Our duty is to arm and educate our community continuing the legacy of firearms ownership of African Americans in the United States.



Work We Do



Educating Our Community

One of the most important goals of RAFFA is to raise awareness of all African Americans to the use of firearms for personal protection, recreation and sportsmanship. We wish to de-stigmatize the stereotypes of firearms in the black community. We teach the important history of African-American firearms ownership as well as the history of gun control and it's disproportionate effect on our community.

We also focus on firearm safety education. RAFFA offers free firearms safety educational material and seminars. We emphasize  the importance of the proper use ,cleaning and storage of guns. We understand that in exercising our second amendment right we must make sure we protect the guns that protect us!


Responsibility To The People...

We are a community-based organization. We recognize not only our responsibility to advocate for second amendment rights but to also be supportive and involved in social issues affecting the African American community as well.

RAAFA offers conflict resolution training and resources from experienced mentors and consultants. The gun should be the last resort especially when dealing with each other inside of the community. We believe in peace if possible and violence only when necessary in self defense.

It is also important for us to support initiatives that help keep our community safe, improve our community's relationship with law enforcement and mentor and guide our young people.


Upcoming Classes

  • RAAFA Range Night Meet & Greet
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Aug 10
    The Firing Pin
    Aug 10, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM EDT
    The Firing Pin, 8240 Buffalo Rd, Bergen, NY 14416, USA
    Call meet the members of RAFFA! Hang out with us, shoot with us, and learn how to join!

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