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Choose Your Membership

  • Trial Membership

    Valid for 6 months
    • Limited Access
    • Non Voting Membership
    • %50 Off Range Time At Firing Pin LLC
    • Exclusive Invites to RAAFA Members Only Events
  • Full Membership

    Valid for one year
    • Unlimited Access
    • %20 Off Specialized Training Courses
    • %50 Off Range Time at Firing Pin LLC
    • Discounts On Gun Rentals, Ammo and Firearms Transfers
    • Free Gun Safety, Storage ,Cleaning, & Legalities Course
    • $100 Yearly Renewal
    • Invites And Access To Members Only Events
  • Family Plan

    Valid for one year
    • Full Access To Standard Membership Benefits
    • %50 Off Membership For Each Addtional Household Member
    • Available For Up To Two Addtional Persons


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